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Table 2 Summary of common deleted regions in relapse samples

From: Deep sequencing reveals clonal evolution patterns and mutation events associated with relapse in B-cell lymphomas

Chromosome Common deleted region coordinates Sample ID Genes Function in B cells
1 117064566-117131520 1R3, 3R, 14R CD58 Genetically inactivated in DLBCL to escape immune recognition [24]
4 961371-967030 1R1, 2R, 13R DGKQ Not known
13 111885580-111996434 1R1, 2R, 3R, 14R ARHGEF7 Guanine nucleotide exchange factor for RAC1 GTPases that plays an important role in mature B-cell development [25]
15 40594724-40628804 1R1, 3R, 15R PLCB2 Activated by RAC1 to modulate Ca2+ signaling [26]
X 155003966-155250615 3R, 13R, 15R VAMP7, IL9R IL9R activates JAK-STAT signaling in response to IL9 [29]