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Figure 3

From: Genome-wide identification and characterization of replication origins by deep sequencing

Figure 3

Sequence characteristics of fission yeast origins. (a) Each k-mer (k = 1 to 6) is plotted on origin prediction (auROC) versus origin enrichment (log frequency ratio). k-mers of only A or T are red and those of only G or C blue; polyA k-mers are solid red and polyG k-mers blue and labeled. Complementary sequences are not distinguished (that is, 6A is equivalent to 6T). Motifs identified by MEME are represented as diamond symbols. For MEME motifs identified in more than one species, the species of origin is indicated. (b) Logos of the MEME motifs included in (a). For MEME motifs identified in more that one species, a representative logo is shown.

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