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Figure 1

From: The complete genome, comparative and functional analysis of Stenotrophomonas maltophiliareveals an organism heavily shielded by drug resistance determinants

Figure 1

Circular diagram of the main features of K279a. The circles show (outermost to innermost): 1, DNA coordinates (black); 2, color coded annotation (the CDSs are color coded according to function: blue = pathogenicity/adaptation; dark grey = essential metabolism; red = DNA replication/transcription/restriction-modification; green = transmembrane/outer membrane; cyan and magenta = degradation of large and small molecules, respectively; yellow = intermediary metabolism; light green = hypothetical; light blue = regulators; orange = conserved hypothetical; brown = pseudogenes; pink = transposons and phage); 3, laterally transferred regions (determined by Alien Hunter with a cut-off score of 15); 4, transposons and phage (pink); 5, pili and fimbriae (blue); 6, RND efflux transporters (green); 7, GC skew; 8, GC deviation.

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