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Table 1 Tumor, treatment, and outcome characteristics of patients providing human SCC cell lines

From: Genome-wide identification of novel expression signatures reveal distinct patterns and prevalence of binding motifs for p53, nuclear factor-κB and other signal transcription factors in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Cell line Age (years at diagnosis) Sex Stage TNM Primary site Specimen site Prior therapy Status Survival (months)
UM-SCC 1 72 M I T1N0M0 FOM Local recur R DWOD 15
UM-SCC 5 59 M III T2N1M0 Supraglottic larynx Pri bx S DOD 8
UM-SCC 6 37 M II T2N0M0 Tongue Pri bx N LTF  
UM-SCC 9 72 F II T2N0M0 Tonsil/BOT Local recur R DOD 15
UM-SCC 11A 65 M V T2N2aM0 Hypopharynx Pri bx N DOD 14
UM-SCC 11B       Pri resect C   
UM-SCC 22A 59 F III T2N1M0 Hypopharynx Pri bx N DOD 10
UM-SCC 22B       LN met N   
UM-SCC 38 60 M IV T2N2aM0 Tonsil/BOT Pri N DOD 11
UM-SCC 46 57 F III No TMN Given Suprglottic larynx Local recur R, S DOD 6
  1. The clinical information was kindly provided by Drs Thomas E Carey and Carol R Bradford, and some information was previously presented in the literature. 'Primary sites' refers to the origin of the primary tumor. 'Specimen site' refers to origin of tissue used to establish cultures. 'Prior therapy' refers to therapy given before the specimen used for culture was obtained. 'Survival' represents time in months from diagnosis to last follow up. BOT, base of tongue; bx, biopsy; C, chemotherapy; DOD, died with disease; DWOD, died without disease; F, female; FOM, floor of mouth; LN, lymph nodes; LTF, lost to follow-up; M, male; met, metastasis; N, none; NED, no evidence of disease; Pri, primary tumor site; R, radiation; recur, recurrence; resect, surgical resection specimen; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; S, surgery; TNM, tumor-node-metastasis (staging system); UM-SCC, University of Michigan series head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.