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Table 4 Distribution of MPSS tags in an antisense orientation in human and mouse genomes

From: Sense-antisense pairs in mammals: functional and evolutionary considerations

  Number of clusters
  Human Mouse
One exonic tag 2,212 (51.3%) 124 (57.3%)
One intronic tag 875 (20.3%) 90 (41.7%)
Exonic and intronic tag 707 (16.4%) 2 (1%)
Multiple exonic tags 318 (7.4%) 0
Multiple intronic tags 196 (4.6%) 0
Total 4,308 216
  1. Exonic and intronic refer to the genome organization of the sense gene. For instance, the category 'One exonic tag' corresponds to those genes with only one antisense tag complementary to its exonic region. All identified tags are found at a frequency ≥3 tags per million (see Materials and methods).