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Figure 5

From: Computational identification of DrosophilamicroRNA genes

Figure 5

Diverse temporal and quantitative expression profiles of novel miRNAs by northern blotting. The three lanes represent 0-24-hour embryos (E), third instar larvae and 0-1-day pupae (L) and adult males (A), and hybridizing bands from the 21-24 nucleotide range are shown. (a-g) miRs with preferential expression at individual stages or a combination of two of these stages. (h-j) miRs that are expressed throughout development, either at uniform levels or in a graded fashion. (k) miR-1 was used as a control. Note that the blots shown were exposed for different lengths of time, so the relative levels of different miRNAs are not directly comparable; please refer to Table 2.

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