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Table 5 The complete list of bHLH genes from Mus musculus

From: Phylogenetic analysis of the human basic helix-loop-helix proteins

Gene name Family Human ortholog(s) Accession number
Mash1 Achaete-Scute a P50553 gb|AAB28830.1
Mash2 Achaete-Scute a Q99929 gb|AAD33794.1
Mash3 Achaete-Scute b N024228 sp|CAC37689
Myogenin MyoD P15173 sp|P12979
Myf6 MyoD P23409 ref|NP_032683.1
MyoD MyoD P15172 sp|P10085
Myf5 MyoD P13349 ref|NP_032682.1
E2A E12/E47 N011269 sp|15806
TF12 E12/E47 Q99081 ref|NP_035674.1
TCF4 E12/E47 P15884/P15884 D ref|NP_038713.1
KA1 E12/E47 ? dbj|BAA06218.1
Math1 Atonal Q92858 dbj|BAA07791.1
Math5 Atonal N024033 gb|AAC68868.1
Mist1 Mist N007757 gb|AAF17706.1
Oligo1 Oligo N011512 ref|NP_058664.1
Oligo2 Oligo Q9NZ14 sptrembl|Q9EQW6
Oligo3 Oligo N025741 sptrembl|Q9EQW5
Beta3 Beta3 N023718 gb|AAF32324.1
Q9H494 Beta3 N011476 sptrembl|Q9H494
Math4a Neurogenin Q9H2A3 gb|AAC53028.1
Math4b Neurogenin N024089 emb|CAA70366.1
Math4C Neurogenin Q92886 sp|P70660
Math2 NeuroD N007825 dbj|BAA07923.1
Math3 NeuroD N009563 gb|AAC15969.1
NDF1 NeuroD Q13562 sp|Q62414
NDF2 NeuroD Q15784 gb|AAC52203.1
Math6 Net N005263 spnew|BAB39468
Mesp1 Mesp ? gb|AAF70375.1
Mesp2 Mesp ? gb|AAB51199.1
pMeso1 Mesp N015926 ref|NP_062417.1
Pod1 MyoR N007203 gb|AAC62513.1
MyoR MyoR N008253 gb|AAD10053.1
PTF1 PTFa Q9HC25 emb|CAB65273.1
eHand Hand O96004 gb|AAB35104.1
dHand Hand O95300 gb|AAC52338.1
Twist Twist Q15672 gb|AAA40514.1
Dermo1 Twist ? emb|CAA69333.1
Paraxis Paraxis N011493 gb|AAA86825.1
Scleraxis Paraxis ? gb|AAB34266.1
Hen1 NSCL Q02575 gb|AAA39840.1
Hen2 NSCL Q02577 gb|AAB22580.1
Tal1 SCL P17542 emb|CAB72256.1
Tal2 SCL Q16559/N024631 gb|AAA40162.1
Lyl1 SCL P12980 emb|CAA40870.1
Lyl2 SCL P12980 pir||B43814
Figa Figa N005420 sptrembl|O55208
AP4 AP4 Q01664 gb|AAF80448.1
Mnt Mnt Q99583 swissprot|O08789
Mxi1 Mad P50539 swissprot|P50540
Mad1 Mad Q05195 swissprot|P50538
Mad3 Mad AAH00745 sptrembl|Q60947
Mad4 Mad Q14582 pir||S60006
Max Max P25912 sp|P28574
N-Myc Myc P04198 gb|AAA39833.1
C-Myc Myc P01106 emb|CAA25508.1
L-Myc Myc P12524 emb|CAA32128.1
S-Myc Myc ? ref|NP_034980.1
SRC1 SRC O43792 gb|AAB01228.1
SRC2 SRC Q15596 gb|AAB06177.1
SRC3 SRC Q9Y6Q9 sp|O09000
MITF MITF O75030 gb|AAF81266.1
TFE3 MITF P19532 gb|AAB21130.1
TFEB MITF P19484 gb|AAD20979.1
TFEC MITF N009714/O14948 gb|AAD24426.1
SREBP1 SREBP P36956 dbj|BAA74795.1
SREBP2 SREBP Q12772 gb|AAG01859.1
USF1 USF P22415 emb|CAA64627.1
USF2 USF Q15853/N026304 pir||A56522
Mlx MLX Q9NP71 gb|AAK20940.1
TF4 TF4 Q9UH92 gb|AAB51368.1
Bmal1 BMAL O00327 dbj|BAA76414.1
ARNT1 ARNT P27540 gb|AAA56717.1
ARNT2 ARNT Q9HBZ2 dbj|BAA09799.1
Clock Clock O15516 swissnew|O08785
NPAS2 Clock Q99743/N023384 gb|AAB47249.1
Hif1a HIF Q16665 emb|CAA70306.1
EPAS1 HIF Q99814 gb|AAC12871.1
Hif3a HIF O95262 gb|AAC72734.1
NPAS1 HIF/Sim/Trh Q99742 gb|AAB47247.1
Sim1 Sim P81133 gb|AAC05481.1
Sim2 Sim Q14190 gb|AAB84099.1
NPAS3 Trh Q9H323 gb|AAF14283.1
AHR AHR Q13804 dbj|BAA07469.1
Id1 Emc P41134 sp|P20067
Id2 Emc Q02363 gb|AAA79771.1
Id3 Emc Q02535 sp|P41133
Id4 Emc P47928 emb|CAA05120.1
Hey1 Hey Q9Y5J3 emb|CAB51321.1
Herp1 Hey Q9UBP5 gb|AAF37298.1
Hes1 Hairy Q14469 dbj|BAA03931.1
Dec1 E(spl) O14503 sptrembl|O14503
Dec2 E(spl) BAB21502 spnew|BAB21503
Hes2 E(spl) Q9Y543 dbj|BAA24091.1
Hes3 E(spl) N019265 dbj|BAA19799.1
Hes5 E(spl) N004350 dbj|BAA06858.1
Hes6 E(spl) Q9P2S3 gb|AAF63757.1
Hes7 E(spl) Q9BYEQ spnew|BAB39526
BAA9469 E(spl) N019265 spnew|BAA9469
Coe1 Coe Q9UH73 swissprot|Q07802
MOTF1 Coe ? gb|AAB58423.1
Coe2 Coe ? swissprot|O08792
Coe3 Coe ? swissprot|O08791
  1. Mouse genes are listed with the family in which they are included, the identification of their human ortholog(s) (? indicates that no clear ortholog was found, see text for details), and their accession number. In most cases, several names exist for each gene. We report here only one name; synonyms can be found in the protein databases using the reported accession numbers.