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Table 4 The complete list of bHLH genes from Caenorhabditis elegans

From: Phylogenetic analysis of the human basic helix-loop-helix proteins

Sequence name Family Localization Accession number
HLH-2 (MO5B5.5) E12/E47 I: 1,82 TR:Q17588
HLH-1 (BO3O4.1) MyoD II: -4,51 SW:P22980
HLH-3 (T29B8.6) Achaete-Scute a II: 1 gb|AAB38323.1
C18A3.8 Achaete-Scute a II:1,11 TR:Q09961
F57C12.3 Achaete-Scute a X: -19,47 TR:Q20941
C28C12.8 Achaete-Scute a IV: 3,86 TR:Q18277
T15H9.3 Achaete-Scute b II: 1,51 emb|CAA87416.1
C34E10.7 (cnd-1) NeuroD III: -2,01 sp|P46581
Y69A2AR Neurogenin **** ****
F38C2.2 Beta3 IV: 24,06 TR:O45489
DY3.3 Beta3/Oligo I: 3,04 TR:O45320
T14F9.5 (lin-32) Atonal X: -15,13 TR:10574
T05G5.2 Net III:0,92 sp|P34555|YNP2
ZK682.4 MyoR V: 1,87 TR:Q23579
HLH-8 (CO2B8.4) Twist X: -0,63 gb|AAC26105.1
C44C10.8 Hand X: 5,8 TR:Q18612
F48D6.3 PTFb X: -8,42 TR:Q20561
C43H6.8 NSCL X: -14 TR:Q18590
F46G10.6 Max X: 12,32 TR/Q18711
T19B10.11 Max V: 3,05 TR:P90982
RO3E9.1 (MDL-1) Mad X:-2,63 sp|Q21663
F40G9.11 USF III: -28,29 gb|AAC68792
W02C12.3 MITF IV: -1, 14 TR:P91527
F58A4.7 AP4 III: 0,63 SW:P34474
Y47D3B.7 SREBP III: 8,9 TR:Q9XX00
T20B12.6 TF4/Mlx III:-0,71 gb|AAA19059.1
C15C8.2 Clock V: 4,63 emb|CAA99775.1
C41G7.5 AHR I: 3,75 emb|CAB51463.1
F38A6.3 HIF V: 27,08 pir||T21944
T01D3.2 HIF/Sim/Trh V: 5,39 TR:P90953
C25A11.1 (AHA-1) ARNT X: 0,43 TR:O02219
lin-22 E (spl) IV: 6,9 gb|AAB68848.1
Y16B4A.1 (Unc-3) COE X: 19,39 gb|AAC06226.1
Y39A3CR.6 Orphan III: -19,16 gb|AAF605231
T01E8.2 (REF-1) * Orphan II: 2,22 emb|CAA88744.1
C17C3.10 * Orphan II: -1,28 gb|AAB52693.1
F31A3.4 (F31A3.2) * Orphan X: 24,06 TR:Q19917
C17C3.7 * Orphan II: -1,28 gb|AAK31421
C17C3.8 * Orphan II:1,28 TR:Q18053
  1. Gene identifications are those of the C. elegans genome project. The localization of the genes referred to the worm recombination genetic map as found in Wormbase [82]. Sequences marked with an asterisk form a well supported monophyletic group and encode proteins with two bHLH (see text for details). The Y69A2AR gene was not found in the databases. Its sequence comes from [45].