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Table 3 The complete list of bHLH genes from Drosophila melanogaster

From: Phylogenetic analysis of the human basic helix-loop-helix proteins

Full gene name Symbol ID Family Localization Accession number
daughterless da CG5102 E12/E47 31D11-E1 pir||A31641
nautilus nau CG10250 MyoD 95B3-5 SW:P22816
achaete ac CG3796 Achaete-Scute a 1B1 gb|AAF45498.1
scute sc CG3827 Achaete-Scute a 1B1 gb|AAA28313.1
lethal of scute l'sc CG3839 Achaete-Scute a 1B1 gb|AAF45500.1
asense ase CG3258 Achaete-Scute a 1B1 gb|AAF45502.1
target of poxn (biparous) tap (bp) CG7659 Neurogenin 74B1-2 emb|CAA65103.1
Mist1-related Mistr CG8667 Mist 39D3 gb|AAF53991.1
Olig family Oli CG5545 Beta3 36C6-7 gb|AAF53631.1
cousin of atonal cato CG7760 Atonal 53A1-2 gb|AAF58026.1
atonal ato CG7508 Atonal 84F6 gb|AAF54209.1
absent MD and olfactory sensilla amos CG10393 Atonal 37A1-2 gb|AAF53678.1
net net CG11450 Net 21A5-B1 gb|AAF51562.1
HLH54F (MyoR * ) MyoR * CG5005 MyoR 54E7-9 gb|AAF57795.1
salivary gland-expressed bHLH sage CG12952 Mesp 85D7-10 gb|AAF54351.1
paraxis * Pxs * CG12648 Paraxis 9A4 sp|Q9W2Z5
twist twi CG2956 Twist 59C2-3 emb|CAA32707.1
48 related 1 Fer1 CG10066 PTFa 84C3-4 gb|AAF54058.1
48 related 2 Fer2 CG5952 PTFb 89B9-12 gb|AAF55280.1
48 related 3 Fer3 CG6913 PTFb 86F1-2 gb|AAF54684.1
hand Hand CG18144 Hand 31D1-6 gb| AAF52900.1
HLH3b (SCL * ) SCL * CG2655 SCL 3B3-4 gb|AAF45802.1
HLH4C (NSCL * ) NSCL * CG3052 NSCL 4C6-7 gb|AAF45967.1
EG:114E2.2 (Mnt * ) Mnt * CG2856 Mnt 3F2-3 sp|O46042
max max CG9648 Max 76A3 gb|AAF49179.1
diminutive dm CG10798 Myc 3D3-4 gb|AAB39842.1
USF USF CG17592 USF 4C4 gb|AAF45953.1
cropped crp CG7664 AP4 35F6-7 gb|AAF53510.1
bigmax bmx CG3350 TF4 97F5-6 gb|AAF56696.1
MLX * MLX * CG18362 MLX 39D1-2 gb|AAF53989.1
HLH106 (SREBP * ) SREBP * CG8522 SREBP 76D1-3 gb|AAF49115.1
taiman tai CG13109 SRC 30A7-8 sp|Q9VLD9
clock clk CG7391 Clock 66A11-B1 gb|AAD10630.1
Resistance to Juvenile Hormone Rst(1)JH CG1705 Clock 10C6-8 gb|AAC14350.1
germ cell-expressed bHLH-PAS gce CG6211 Clock 13C1 gb|AAF48439.1
AHR2 * AHR2 * CG12561 AHR 96F14-97A1 gb|AAF56569.1
spineless ss CG6993 AHR 89C1-2 gb|AAD09205.1
single-minded sim CG7771 Sim 87D12-13 gb|AAF54902.1
trachealess trh CG6883 Trh 61C1 gb|AAA96754.1
similar (Hif-1) sima CG7951 HIF 99D5-F1 gb|AAC47303.1
tango tgo CG11987 ARNT 85C5-7 gb|AAF54329.1
cycle cyc CG8727 BMAL 76D2-3 gb|AAF49107.1
extramacrochaete emc CG1007 Emc 61D1-2 gb|AAF47413.1
Hey Hey CG11194 Hey 43F9-44A1 gb|AAF59152.1
Sticky ch1 Stich1 CG17100 Hey 86A5-6 gb|AAF24476.1
hairy h CG6494 Hairy 66D11-12 emb|CAA34018.1
deadpan dpn CG8704 Hairy 44B3-4 gb|AAB24149.1
similar to deadpan side CG10446 Hairy 37B9-11 gb|AAF53741.1
Enhancer of split m3 E(spl) m3 CG8346 E (spl) 96F10-12 gb|AAF56550.1
Enhancer of split m5 E(spl) m5 CG6096 E (spl) 96F10-12 emb|CAA34552.1
Enhancer of split m8 E(spl) m8 CG8365 E (spl) 96F10-12 sp|P13098
Enhancer of split m7 E(spl) m7 CG8361 E (spl) 96F10-12 emb|CAA34553.1
Enhancer of split mB (g) E(spl) mB (g) CG8333 E (spl) 96F10-12 gb|AAA28910.1
Enhancer of split mC (d) E(spl) mC (d) CG8328 E (spl) 96F10-12 gb|AAA28911.1
Enhancer of split mA (b) E(spl) mA (b) CG14548 E (spl) 96F10-12 gb|AAA28909.1
HES-related Her CG5927 E (spl) 17A3 gb|AAF48810.1
knot (collier) kn (col) CG10197 COE 51C2-5 gb|AAF58204.1
Delilah del CG5441 Orphan 97B1-2 gb|AAF56590.1
  1. Gene names (with commonly used synonyms in some cases) and their usual abbreviation are as reported in FlyBase [79,80], except those marked by an asterisk. In these cases, we propose names based on the orthology relationships with well-characterized vertebrate genes. Identification numbers are those from the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project [81]. Sequences are listed with the family in which there are included (or stated as orphan genes), their chromosomal localization (position on the polytene chromosomes map as found in FlyBase), and their accession number. The 'orphan' gene Delilah clearly belongs to the high-order group A and is most probably a highly divergent NeuroD family gene (see [8] for discussion).