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Table 2 The ten most significant motifs in the core promoter sequences from -60 to +40, as identified by the MEME algorithm

From: Computational analysis of core promoters in the Drosophila genome

Motif Pictogram Bits Consensus Number E value
1 15.2 YGGTCACACTR 311 5.1e-415
2 DRE 13.3 WATCGATW 277 1.7e-183
3 TATA 13.2 STATAWAAR 251 2.1e-138
4 INR 11.6 TCAGTYKNNNTYNR 369 3.4e-117
5 15.2 AWCAGCTGWT 125 2.9e-93
6 15.1 KTYRGTATWTTT 107 1.9e-62
7 12.7 KNNCAKCNCTRNY 197 1.9e-63
8 14.7 MKSYGGCARCGSYSS 82 5.1e-29
9 DPE 15.4 CRWMGCGWKCGGTTS 56 1.9e-12
10 15.3 CSARCSSAACGS 40 8.3e-9
  1. We show the identified motifs in pictogram representation, where the height of letters corresponds to their frequencies relative to the single-nucleotide background used when running MEME. The information content in bits is also calculated with respect to this background. The consensus sequence represents only the highly conserved part of each motif, using the IUPAC code for ambiguous nucleotides. The number of occurrences refers to the sequences that MEME decided to use to build each motif model. The E-value refers to the probability that a motif of the same width is found with equally or higher likelihood in the same number of random sequences having the same single-nucleotide frequencies as our promoter set.