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Table 8 Cluster size

From: Supervised clustering of genes

Cluster size Mean SD Min Max
Leukemia 5.855 2.910 1 23
Breast cancer 4.344 2.062 1 13
Prostate 6.327 2.373 2 17
Colon 6.642 2.733 2 20
SRBCT 4.739 1.816 1 14
Lymphoma 5.485 2.679 1 16
Brain 6.094 2.751 1 19
NCI 6.174 2.930 1 20
  1. Variability in size of clusters that have been shaped with the supervised algorithm, based on 1000 bootstrap replicates. Leukemia stands for distinction between AML and ALL; in the breast cancer data, the separation of the ER receptor status has been analyzed; prostate and colon stand for discrimination of normal versus tumorous tissue; in the SRBCT dataset, the Ewing family of tumors was separated against three other phenotypes; for the lymphoma dataset discrimination of DLBCL against FL and CLL was considered; in the brain tumor dataset AT/RTs were discriminated from four further malignancies; and in the NCI dataset, leukemia was separated against seven other cancers. The presented figures for the four multiclass datasets are representative for all their binary distinctions between a tumor type against all others.