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Fig. 2

From: Comparative genomics reveals the distinct evolutionary trajectories of the robust and complex coral lineages

Fig. 2

The significant preservation of gene collinearity between complex and robust corals. Synteny relationships are shown in the form of circle plots. In each plot, three species were chosen: two from the same lineage and another from a different lineage. The broken lines at the periphery of each circle represent scaffolds, with the length of each segment indicating the relative length of that scaffold. The top five most synteny block-rich scaffolds were selected from each species and were linked with the corresponding syntenic regions in the other species. Grey lines link syntenic blocks that were identified only in one pair of species, whilst red lines highlight syntenic blocks that were shared (minimum two overlapping syntenic orthologs) by two pairs of species. The number of syntenic blocks between robust (e.g. Fungia) and complex (e.g. Galaxea) corals (a) greatly exceeds that between the sea anemones Aiptasia and Nematostella (b)

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