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Fig. 6

From: Hepatic steatosis risk is partly driven by increased de novo lipogenesis following carbohydrate consumption

Fig. 6

a Boxplots of the relative intensities of triacylglycerols TAG(50:1) and TAG(48:1) in blood plasma of patients with biopsy confirmed NASH separated according to ‘steatosis’ component of the NAFLD Activity score. No steatosis: score of 0 or 1, steatosis: score of 2 or 3. b Heat map of the correlation of the most discriminatory lipids between those with a low steatosis score (0 or 1) or high steatosis score (2 or 3). TG triacylglycerol, PC phosphatidylcholine, PI phosphatidylinositol, DG diacylglycerol

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