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Fig. 5

From: FOCS: a novel method for analyzing enhancer and gene activity patterns infers an extensive enhancer–promoter map

Fig. 5

Examples of FOCS-predicted E–P links supported by ChIA-PET/eQTL data. a, b CD4. c, d ESRP1. TSS location is highlighted in light blue. b, d Heatmaps (log2[RPKM Signal]) for the activity patterns of CD4/ESRP1 promoters and their ten nearest enhancers. Enhancers included in the shrunken model are denoted by ‘ep’ and those that are not are denoted by ‘e’. For each enhancer, its Pearson and Spearman correlations with the promoter are reported (left and right values in the parentheses). For each model, the \( {R}^2,{R}_{CV}^2, \) and Spearman correlation after CV (ρ s ) are listed

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