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Fig. 6

From: Distinct 5-methylcytosine profiles in poly(A) RNA from mouse embryonic stem cells and brain

Fig. 6

Radar plots show an overlap of m5C sites with binding sites of several RNA binding proteins (RBPs) available in the CLIPdb. a Left panel, fraction of binding sites overlapping with an m5C site for each particular RBP. Right panel, number of m5Cs overlapping with binding sites for a particular protein was normalized against the total number of binding sites of the respective RBP. Cell/tissue types in which the RBP binding sites had been detected are color coded and explained in the legend (MEF mouse embryonic fibroblasts, Liver36h liver partial hepatectomy 36 h, N2A Neuro2a, ES embryonic stem cells, EC embryonal carcinoma, ESdN ES-derived neuronal). b Same as in a for brain total and nuclear poly(A) RNA

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