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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptomic signatures differentiate survival from fatal outcomes in humans infected with Ebola virus

Fig. 4

Comparison of the convalescent survivors to healthy controls. The healthy controls comprised a group of healthy volunteers in British Colombia and were found in GEO under GSE53655. a The top fold change differentially expressed genes when comparing convalescence survivors (blue) to acute infections and when comparing acute survivor (green) to acute fatal (red). Healthy controls are shown (purple). The healthy controls show no significant expression of these genes similar to the convalescent survivors. b The comparison of the two control groups as a PCA plot of their overall expression values after normalisation using edgeR. The healthy controls are indicated in blue and the convalescent survivors in red. c The results of the gene set enrichment analysis comparing the convalescent survivors to the healthy controls. Genes significantly upregulated are in red and downregulated in blue. Through a Fisher’s exact test, no group of genes had a significant enrichment when comparing the two groups (p cutoff of 0.05)

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