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Fig. 4

From: Characterizing human lung tissue microbiota and its relationship to epidemiological and clinical features

Fig. 4

Comparison of non-malignant (N) and tumor (T) tissue microbiotas. a Non-malignant and tumor tissue microbiotas significantly differ in taxonomic alpha diversity. The P value was computed by the signed rank Wilcoxon test based on paired samples and was also confirmed by the bootstrap analysis (see “Statistical methods”) of all paired and unpaired samples (P < 0.001). b Comparison of microbiota by tumor morphology in non-malignant and tumor tissues. Taxonomic alpha diversity (PD_whole_tree) is statistically significantly higher in patients with adenocarcinoma in microbiota from the tumor samples but not from non-malignant samples. P values are based on Wilcoxon tests

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