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Fig. 2

From: Enhancers reside in a unique epigenetic environment during early zebrafish development

Fig. 2

Hypo-enhancers are reprogrammed prior to MBT. a The fractional DNA methylation states of all non-TSS-associated HMRs with less than 25 % DNA methylation overlapping and not overlapping a hypo-enhancer. b Heat map displaying the DNA methylation status of the hypo-enhancers (defined at 4 hpf) throughout development. c Bulk 5hmC quantification using LC-MS/MS. Error bars represent the standard deviation derived from biological triplicates. d Profile displaying 5hmC distribution within 4 kb of the middle point of all HMRs that do not overlap with a TSS or a hypo-enhancer, stably non-methylated hypo-enhancers, hypo-enhancers that lose DNA methylation during early zebrafish development, and all hyper-enhancers (*p < 2.2 × 10−16, non-paired Wilcoxon test)

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