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Figure 1

From: Whole genome bisulfite sequencing of cell-free DNA and its cellular contributors uncovers placenta hypomethylated domains

Figure 1

Methylation patterns in buffy coat, placenta, and non-pregnant ccf DNA. (a) The distribution of mean CpG methylation for each sample type (non-pregnant ccf DNA, maternal buffy coat, and placenta). The y-axis represents the relative proportion of all evaluated CpG dinucleotides exhibiting a particular level of CpG methylation. The histogram bins each have a width of 1%. (b) CpG methylation of non-pregnant ccf DNA samples was assessed in ENCODE-defined enriched regions for H3K4me1, H3K4me3, H3K9me3, and H3K27me3. Unenriched data were generated by a random sampling of the same number of CpG sites as used for enrichment, but located elsewhere in the genome. The width of each violin plot is representative of data density at a given CpG methylation level. (c) The number of DMRs more methylated in placenta (red) and non-pregnant (NP) ccf DNA (blue).

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