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Figure 4

From: Comparison of the three-dimensional organization of sperm and fibroblast genomes using the Hi-C approach

Figure 4

Identification of regions distinguishing sperm cells and fibroblasts. (A) E1 values, Euclidean distance and Pearson and Spearman correlation coefficients for chromosome 1 of both sperm cells (green line for E1 values) and fibroblasts (blue line for E1 values). All graphs indicate high similarities between sperm cells and fibroblasts (that is, similar E1 values, small Euclidean distance and high correlation coefficients). However, some regions display less similarity than others. (B) The two-dimensional heatmaps for the whole genome and for chromosome 19 (binned at a 1 Mb resolution) indicate the significance of the differences in the contact probability between fibroblasts and sperm cells. Each dot represents a single contact. Regions in red are not mappable, those in yellow are significantly different, those in cerulean are significantly different with a difference of more than two times, and those in blue are contacts where no significant difference was found.

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