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Figure 1

From: Pancancer analysis of DNA methylation-driven genes using MethylMix

Figure 1

Consensus clustering [17] and methylation profiles for three cancer sites with known CIMP groups. (A) Colon cancer (COAD); (B) glioblastoma (GBM); (C) acute myeloid leukemia (LAML). Top panel: visualization of the consensus clustering with blue indicating high consensus and white indicating low consensus. Bottom panel: methylation profile with red indicating hypermethylation, white indicating normal methylation and blue indicating hypomethylation. Middle panels: COAD - CIMP-high, CIMP-low subgroups according to [19], MLH1 hypermethylation and BRAF mutation; GBM - CIMP subgroup; LAML - IDHx mutation in IDH1 or IDH2, mutation in WT1 and AXL1.

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