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Figure 6

From: GoIFISH: a system for the quantification of single cell heterogeneity from IFISH images

Figure 6

Visualizing cellular heterogeneity. (A) Comparison of cellular diversity in IFISH images by applying a global intensity threshold of 300 for HER2 and 50 for ER on the gold standard cell distribution, the training distribution and test set. (B) Classification of cells in Sample 6370 based on HER2 and ER intensity and the corresponding topology map. The color indicates the relative ratio between the two stains. (C) Classification and topology map applied to HER2 protein expression (cyan) and HER2 spot area (yellow). (D) Classification of cells in Sample 6361 into luminal or myoepithelial cells based on morphology, and topology map based on HER2 and ER staining.

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