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Figure 1

From: Deep sequencing reveals clonal evolution patterns and mutation events associated with relapse in B-cell lymphomas

Figure 1

Two scenarios of DLBCL relapse. (A,B) Phylogenetic analysis of the SHM profiles of sample pair 1 showing the early-divergent relapse mode (A), and sample pair 3 showing the late-divergent relapse mode (B). The length of the blue and red lines in the phylogenetic trees indicates the number of VDJ sequences with a particular SHM profile. The SHM profiles of the major VDJ subclones of the diagnosis and relapse samples are shown on the right with color tickers representing the mutation status. (C) Mutational distance between the major clones within the diagnosis and the relapse pairs. (D) The frequencies of the major diagnosis subclone in the diagnosis sample and the respective relapse sample of each sample. (E) Empirical entropy for the major VHDJH was calculated for each diagnosis tumor sample, and the average of the estimated entropy was compared between the divergent mode samples and relapse mode samples.

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