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Figure 1

From: jMOSAiCS: joint analysis of multiple ChIP-seq datasets

Figure 1

Pictorial depiction of the jMOSAiCS model for a region across two ChIP-seq datasets. Region i consists of three bins. The B variable governs whether or not the region is enriched in any of the two samples. The E variables denote sample-specific enrichments and are conditionally independent given the B variable. The Z variables depict enrichment at the bin level and are conditionally independent given the sample-specific E variables. When E id = 1, one or more consecutive Z variables are set to 1 to capture enrichment. The observed read count Y can be scalar or vector-valued depending on the availability of a control input sample. Data fits at the Y layer are obtained by MOSAiCS [19] on individual samples and evaluated by the goodness-of-fit (GOF) plots. ChIP: chromatin immunoprecipitation; jMOSAiCS: joint model-based one- and two-sample analysis and inference for ChIP-seq; MOSAiCS: model-based analysis and inference for ChIP-seq data

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