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Figure 5

From: Global mRNA decay analysis at single nucleotide resolution reveals segmental and positional degradation patterns in a Gram-positive bacterium

Figure 5

Statistical correlation between mRNA half-life and gene expression and G+C percentage of coding sequences. (a) Correlation between mRNA half-life and gene expression gene expression. (b) Correlation between mRNA half-life and G+C percentage of CDSs (the vertical dashed line marks the mean G+C%). In each panel, the dashed line represents the regression line. mRNA half-lives are plotted at log scale. Genes encoding ribosomal proteins (KEGG 03010) are represented by green dots, genes encoding proteins involved in glycolysis, gluconeogenesis and oxidative phosphorylation (KEGG 00010 and 00190) by blue dots, and genes encoding two component systems by red dots. The data shown are for B. cereus ATCC 10987.

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