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Figure 2

From: Global mRNA decay analysis at single nucleotide resolution reveals segmental and positional degradation patterns in a Gram-positive bacterium

Figure 2

Validation of the methods used for mRNA half-life estimation. (a-d) Validation was performed by calculation of the statistical correlation between half-lives for corresponding genes determined using different methods (a-c; B. cereus ATCC 10987), and statistical correlation between half-lives for orthologous genes from B. cereus strains ATCC 10987 and ATCC 14579, respectively (d), determined by RNA-Seq. Half-life values are plotted on log-scale. In each panel, the dashed line gives the regression line between two samples/tests/strains, and the number shown for each plot denotes the Pearson correlation for the gene orthologs. (a) Validation by RT-qPCR of half-lives determined by RNA-Seq (GA-II), demonstrating a good correlation of half-lives determined by the two methods. (b) Correlation between half-lives for the two biological replicate series B and D as determined by RNA-Seq (GA-II). (c) Correlation of mRNA half-lives determined by RNA-Seq, employing GA-II and 454 technology, respectively. (d) Correlation between half-lives of orthologous mRNAs in B. cereus strains ATCC 10987 and ATCC 14579, respectively.

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