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Figure 4

From: The transcriptional landscape of Chlamydia pneumoniae

Figure 4

Novel non-coding sRNAs of C. pneumonia. (a) Short novel transcripts lacking an ORF were identified in intergenic regions, antisense or sense to annotated protein coding genes. The x-axis represents genomic coordinates with annotated genes on the plus (above) and minus strand (below). Newly assigned names of sRNAs are colored in red. Arrows represent TSSs of sRNAs and surrounding genes as determined from deep-sequencing data. The genes ychB (CPn0954) and CPn0955 seem to be wrongly annotated and are therefore depicted in grey. (b) Northern blot analysis of the small transcripts verifies the theoretical sizes calculated from the deep sequencing data. The housekeeping signal recognition particle RNA (SRP RNA) was used as a positive control for size verification. CPIG0701 is a homologue of the only previously identified sRNA in C. trachomatis.

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