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Figure 3

From: A human functional protein interaction network and its application to cancer data analysis

Figure 3

Overlay of predicted functional interactions onto a human curated GBM pathway from the TCGA data set. Many genes can interact with multiple pathway genes. In this diagram, only genes interacting with one pathway gene are shown to minimize diagram clutter. Newly added genes are colored in light blue, while original genes are colored in grey. Newly added FIs are in blue, while original interactions are in other colors. FIs extracted from pathways are shown as solid lines (for example, PHLPP-AKT1), while those predicted based on NBC are shown as dashed lines (for example, KLF6-TP53). Extracted FIs involved in activation, expression regulation, or catalysis are shown with an arrowhead on the end of the line, while FIs involved in inhibition are shown with a 'T' bar. The original GBM pathway map in the Cytoscape format was downloaded from [69].

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