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Figure 3

From: The complete genome, comparative and functional analysis of Stenotrophomonas maltophiliareveals an organism heavily shielded by drug resistance determinants

Figure 3

Circular diagram showing xanthomonad orthologues. Circles show (outermost to innermost): 1, DNA coordinates of the reference genome K279a; 2, color coded annotation file, all reading frames in the same circle; 3-7, orthologous genes determined by reciprocal best match analysis (3, X. campestris pv campestris 8004 (NC_007086); 4, X. campestris pv campestris 3391 (AE008922); 5, X. campestris vesicatoria (NC_007508); 6, X. axonopodis citri (NC_003919); 7, X. oryzae pv oryzae KACC10331 (NC_006834)); 8, GC skew; 9, GC deviation.

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