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Table 1 Vertebrate HCNE terminology disambiguation

From: Retroviral enhancer detection insertions in zebrafish combined with comparative genomics reveal genomic regulatory blocks - a fundamental feature of vertebrate genomes

Abbreviation Term Early reference Definition
UCR Ultraconserved region [26] ≥200 bp 100% conserved between human and mouse
   [5] Nontranscribed, ≥50 bp ≥95% conserved between human and mouse, and at least partially aligned to fugu
UCE Ultraconserved element [89] ≥100 bp 100% conserved between human and mouse
CNS Conserved noncoding sequence [90] Nongenic, human:mouse, >100 bp and with ≥70% identity
CNE Conserved noncoding element [6] Nontranscribed, >100 bp human:fugu alignments with MegaBlast
HCNR Highly conserved noncoding region [7] Visual inspection of mouse: Xenopus:zebrafish alignments
   [91] Same as [5]
HCNE Highly conserved noncoding element [28] Windows ≥50 bp that do not overlap coding regions and for which the probability of being under purifying selection, given the conservation score, is ≥95%
CNC Conserved noncoding region (?) [38]  
CNG Conserved nongenic sequence [92] Nontranscribed, human:mouse BLAST with an e-value < 10-20 and similarity ≥98%
HCE Highly conserved element [46] UCE from Bejerano et al. [26] + UCR from Sandelin et al. [5] + UCR from Sandelin et al. [5] + CNE from Woolfe et al. [6]