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Figure 8

From: Clustering of phosphorylation site recognition motifs can be exploited to predict the targets of cyclin-dependent kinase

Figure 8

Clustering of CDK consensus matches and cyclin specificity. (a) The left side shows that clb5-specific CDK targets (unfilled bar) are more likely to score above the cutoff than other proteins assayed (gray bar), while the right side of panel a shows that clb5-specific CDK targets (unfilled bar) contain a higher proportion of strong matches than do other high-scoring proteins (gray bar). See text for details (b) CDK targets specific for clb5 (unfilled bars) contain an excess of matches to the cy motif relative to other high-scoring proteins (gray bars) in the entire protein sequence (left side), but this enrichment is more extreme if only regions containing clustered CDK consensus matches are considered (right side). The dotted line represents the genomic frequency of matches to the cy motif. CDK, cyclin-dependent kinase; aa, amino acids.

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