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Table 6 Coding region boundary classifiers. Coding region boundary classifiers. Window sizes and positions are shown for the five coding region boundary classifiers used by CONTRAST. Coordinates are defined such that the boundary occurs between the adjacent positions -1 and 1 (that is, either position -1 is coding and position 1 is coding or the reverse is true), with coordinates increasing in the 5' to 3' direction. Each classifier's require consensus sequence is shown in the second column.

From: CONTRAST: a discriminative, phylogeny-free approach to multiple informant de novogene prediction

  Consensus 5' end 3' end Length
Start codon A1T2G3 -8 6 14
Stop codon T1A2A3, T1A2G3, T1G2A3 1 6 6
Donor splice GT G1T2 -3 8 11
Donor splice GC G1C2 -3 8 11
Acceptor splice A-2G-1 -27 3 30