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Figure 4

From: Regulatory module network of basic/helix-loop-helix transcription factors in mouse brain

Figure 4

Diagrammatic representation of three modules regulated by Neurod6 and Hey2. (a-c) Expression profiles of genes in modules 10, 15, and 27 regulated by Neurod6 and Hey2. Each node in the tree represents a regulator (Hey2 or Neurod6), and the expression of the regulators themselves is shown below their respective nodes. Small boxes represent the gene expression profiles in different brain tissues. All arrays at the bottom are the expression of target genes in the module, in which a row denotes a gene and a column denotes a tissue. (d) Hey2 and Neurod6 regulate three modules in different ways among 11 brain tissues. Red arrows refer to positive regulation, and green arrows refer to negative regulation.

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