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Figure 8

From: Recurrent insertion and duplication generate networks of transposable element sequences in the Drosophila melanogaster genome

Figure 8

Examples of potentially transposed TE nests. Four copies of related jockey2→Cr1a nests in HDR7 at the base of the X chromosome, with the two proximal copies nested within 297-elements. We note that a large number of additional TEs in this region are omitted for clarity. Simple tandem duplication of jockey2→Cr1a nests cannot explain nesting in the 297-element, and duplication of a jockey2→Cr1a→297 nest would require two subsequent complete losses of 297 sequences from the distal copies. An equally or more parsimonious explanation involves transposition of a jockey2→Cr1a nest into a 297-element and subsequent duplication.

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