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Figure 5

From: The Open Microscopy Environment (OME) Data Model and XML file: open tools for informatics and quantitative analysis in biological imaging

Figure 5

Using STs for visualization in OME. Examples of the use of STs for visualization of data within an OME database are shown. These tools are Java applications that access OME via the OME remote framework [34]. All OME code is available [31]. (a) The Chain Builder, a tool that enables a user to build analysis chains by ensuring that the input requirements of a given module are satisfied by outputs from previous modules. This is achieved by accessing the STs for the inputs and outputs within an OME database. (b) The DataManager, DatasetBrowser and 5DViewer. The DataManager shows the relationships between Projects, Datasets and Images within an OME database. The DatasetBrowser modifies the display method for images within a given dataset depending on the values of data stored as STs within an OME database. The 5Dviewer allows visualization of individual images based on STs in an OME database.

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