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Table 3 Splicing pattern and coding potential of Arabidopsis full-length cDNAs and annotated genes

From: Genome-wide prediction and identification of cis-natural antisense transcripts in Arabidopsis thaliana

  UniGene cDNAs RIKEN cDNAs The Arabidopsis genome
Total transcripts 20,683 13,181 29,993
Number of transcripts with perfect genome match 17,814 12,877 29,993
Number of transcripts with ORFs 16,621 12,544 26,207
Number of non-spliced transcripts with ORFs 2,534 1,555 4,722
Number of transcripts without ORFs 1,193 333 3,786
Number of non-spliced transcripts without ORFs 466 130 3,786
  1. The splicing pattern of each transcript was obtained by aligning its corresponding cDNA sequences to the Arabidopsis genome using sim4. The coding potential of the genomic sequence of each transcript was examined by GeneScan.