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Table 2 Chromatin formation on artificial chromosomes

From: Assembly and characterization of heterochromatin and euchromatin on human artificial chromosomes

Line Artificial chromosomes Heterochromatin Euchromatin
  Alpha-satellite Size estimate* H3 TrimK9/K27 HP1α H3DimK4 CENP-A
17-E29 D17Z1 1-3 Mb - (-) + +
17-D34 D17Z1 1-3 Mb - (-) + +
17-B12 D17Z1 3-10 Mb + + + +
17-C20 D17Z1 3-10 Mb + + + +
X-4 DXZ1 10-20 Mb + ND + ND
X-5 DXZ1 10-20 Mb + ND + ND
Host controls       
17 cen    + + - +
X cen    + ND - +
  1. Summary of results obtained by immunofluorescence staining on metaphase chromosomes containing artificial chromosomes using antibodies to either heterochromatin (H3TrimK9/K27; HP1α) or euchromatin (H3DimK4) components (Figures 1-3). + positive staining; - signal not detectable; (-) weak staining comparable to general arm staining; ND, not done. *Comparison of alpha satellite signal intensities (using FISH analyses) on the artificial chromosomes with those of the relevant host centromere regions was used to estimate artificial chromosome sizes. CENP-A stains uniformly on artificial chromosomes and at a level comparable to the host staining level [12]. Controls, staining pattern at either host 17 or X centromere regions overlapping with D17Z1 or DXZ1 probes (respectively). 17-C20 contains mitotically unstable artificial chromosomes (Table 1).