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Table 6 The complete list of bHLH genes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

From: Phylogenetic analysis of the human basic helix-loop-helix proteins

Gene name Accession number Family
RTG3P gb|AAA86842.1 RTG3P
RTG1 sp| P32607 MITF
TYE7 sp|P33122 SREBP
HMS1 sp|Q12398 SREBP
Pho4 ref|NP_011227.1 Pho4
CBP gb|AAA34490.1 CBP
Ino2 sp| P26798 Orphan
Ino4 sp|P13902 Orphan
  1. Yeast genes are listed with the family in which they are included and their accession number.