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Table 5 Alternative acceptor and donor splice sites, alternative 5'exons, and exon skipping examples based on cDNA alignments

From: Full-length messenger RNA sequences greatly improve genome annotation

   Locus Gene name cDNA accessions
Alternative acceptor splice sites   
   At3g58710 WRKY DNA-binding protein Ceres:100465, gi:15991735
   At5g35680 Expressed protein Ceres:11304, gi:14596002
   At2g38860 Expressed protein Ceres:114031, gi:13122287
   At4g31550 DNA-binding protein Ceres:11953, gi:15384214
   At1g22700 Expressed protein Ceres:120133, gi:15294175
   At4g30480 Expressed protein Ceres:12573, gi:14423435
   At1g52870 Expressed protein Ceres:126586, gi:14326544
   At5g41810 Expressed protein Ceres:126660, gi:14532565
   At1g63970 Expressed protein Ceres:15758, gi:11386014
   At2g33830 Auxin-regulated protein Ceres:1711, gi:11127600
   At5g20040 IPP transferase Ceres:19250, gi:14279069
   At3g55330 Oxygen-evloving complex subunit Ceres:21674, Ceres:3747
   At1g60850 RNA polymerase subunit Ceres:21961, gi:514321
   At1g76405 Expressed protein Ceres:23773, gi:13358245
   At1g22630 Expressed protein Ceres:37537, gi:15010607
   At1g02500 S-adenosylmethionine synthase Ceres:37800, gi:15450420
   At4g20380 Zinc finger protein Lsd1 Ceres:38456, gi:1872520
   At3g54380 Expressed protein Ceres:38778, gi:14423485
   At3g04830 Expressed protein Ceres:38917, gi:15293268
   At1g11840 Lactoylglutathione lyase Ceres:39107, gi:11094298
   At1g02090 COP9 complex subunit Ceres:40042, gi:3288822
   At1g79650 DNA repair protein RAD23 Ceres:40579, gi:14334441
   At2g25625 Expressed protein Ceres:465, gi:14334615
   At4g02640 Expressed protein Ceres:6568, gi:10954094
   At3g11930 Ethylene-responsive protein Ceres:7474, gi:13926249
   At2g20820 Expressed protein Ceres:91872, gi:14190456
   At3g09150 Expressed protein Ceres:98026, gi:13359272
Alternative donor splice sites   
   At1g16460 Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase Ceres:111646, gi:6009982
   At5g16540 Zinc finger protein 3 Ceres:113763, gi:4689375
   At2g41070 bZIP family transcription factor Ceres:114632, gi:13346156
   At2g36000 Expressed protein Ceres:123727, gi:14532493
   At3g21175 Expressed protein Ceres:12996, gi:14596058
   At5g61880 Expressed protein Ceres:146274, gi:14517497
   At3g14230 RAP2 family protein Ceres:158240, gi:15450917
   At3g03890 Expressed protein Ceres:18355, gi:14190432
   At1g67700 Expressed protein Ceres:19973, gi:15215605
   At3g55630 Tetrahydrofolylpolyglutamate synthase Ceres:230791, gi:15292866
   At2g21620 Expressed protein Ceres:31655, gi:15320407
   At4g10100 Expressed protein Ceres:35962, gi:6635742
   At1g23950 Expressed protein Ceres:41387, gi:15146261
   At1g24260 Floral homeotic protein Ceres:5055, gi:2345157
   At2g39730 Expressed protein Ceres:7114, gi:15450670
   At3g07760 Expressed protein Ceres:7246, gi:15451021
   At3g06720 Importin alpha Ceres:9351, gi:4191743
Alternative 5' exons   
   At3g57810 Expressed protein Ceres:101256, Ceres:29384
   At3g03780 Methionine synthase Ceres:111720, gi:14532771
   At5g59890 Actin depolymerizing factor 4 Ceres:11691, gi:15215858
   At3g49010 60S ribosomal protein L13 Ceres:12182, gi:15292840
   At5g52210 GTP-binding protein Ceres:16621, gi:1184980
   At1g01100 Acidic ribosomal protein Ceres:24367, gi:15293082
   At2g41430 ERD15 Ceres:31388, gi:13926319
   At3g08580 Adenylate translocator Ceres:36818, gi:1433
   At5g05000 GTP-binding protein Ceres:6734, gi:1151243
   At3g48880 Expressed protein Ceres:99337, gi:15028346
Exon skipping   
   At5g54940 Translation initiation factor Ceres:103464, Ceres:32071
   At2g46800 Zinc transporter Ceres:207558, gi:4206639
   At5g53860 Expressed protein Ceres:22860, gi:15215799
   At5g27840 TOPP8 Ser/Thr protein phosphatase type-1 Ceres:38656, gi:14596132
   At3g23280 Expressed protein Ceres:41648, gi:15010671
   At1g77080 Expressed protein Ceres:92459, gi:11545544, gi:11545546, gi:13649968
  1. A full list with illustrations and supporting alignment data is available at [26].