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Table 1 Hybridizations performed in the CRH-R1 abolition experiment

From: Permutation-validated principal components analysis of microarray data

Genotype (symbol) Treatment (days) Group ID N
129Ola/CD1 knockout (k) 0 k0 4
129Ola/CD1 heterozygous (h) 0 h0 4
129Ola/CD1 heterozygous (h) 1 h1 5
129Ola/CD1 wild type (w) 0 w0 4
129Ola/CD1 wild type (w) 1 w1 4
129Ola/CD1 wild type (w) 7 w7 3
129SvJ wild type (s) 0 s0 4
129SvJ wild type (s) 1 s1 3
129SvJ wild type (s) 7 s7 2
Total    33
  1. Thirty-three 12-week-old male mice with the genotypes shown in column 1 (k were CRH-R1 deficient animals, h and w were their littermates) were treated orally with an antagonist directed against the CRH-R1 (Janssen compound R121919) for 0, 1 or 7 days at a dose of 40 mg per kg body weight. Untreated groups (h0, w0, s0) were used to normalize the data and do not appear in Figures 5 and 6.