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Figure 3

From: Evolutionary conservation of otd/Otx2 transcription factor action: a genome-wide microarray analysis in Drosophila

Figure 3

Known transcripts differentially expressed in response to overexpression of Otx2, grouped according to functional classes. Bars represent the fold change between differentially expressed transcripts in heat-shocked wild-type embryos and heat-shocked Otx2 embryos. Positive values indicate that the relative expression level of a gene is increased (upregulated) following Otx2 overexpression and negative values indicate a decrease (downregulated). Avg Diff values are given for the Otx2 overexpression condition as follows: white bars, Avg Diff < 100; gray bars, Avg Diff from 100-1,000; black bars, Avg Diff > 1,000.

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