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Table 3 Similarity of M. tuberculosis H37Rv region 4-encoded proteins to proteins encoded by the C. diphtheriae and S. coelicolor regions

From: The ESAT-6 gene cluster of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other high G+C Gram-positive bacteria

   Percentage similarity
M. tuberculosis region 4 proteins Family   
   C. diphtheriae S. coelicolor
Rv3450c C 47% 36%
Rv3447c D 53% 57%
Rv3445c G 47% 47 and 51%*
Rv3444c H 58% 41 and 44%*
Rv3448 J 33% 45%
Rv3449 K 49% 45 and 47%
  1. * Orthologs in S. coelicolor are equally similar to families G and H.