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The impact of open access on biomedical research

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Genome Biology20001:comment2003.1

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A series of reports - and extracts of reports - from the Freedom of Information Conference, 6-7 July, 2000, New York Academy of Medicine. The conference was sponsored by BioMed Central, to promote debate about the communication and validation of biomedical research published on the internet. Details of the meeting and all presentations are available in full online at


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The following articles, printed in Genome Biology Volume 1, Issue 3, can be viewed in full online at BioMed Central:

Ushering in a new age of scientific publishing Harold Varmus [Read the article on BioMed Central at]

PubMed Central: still on course to revolutionize biomedical publishing David Lipman [Read the article on BioMed Central at]

Creating a global knowledge network Paul Ginsparg [Read the article on BioMed Central at]

What's wrong with how we judge science? Barry P Markovitz [Read the article on BioMed Central at]


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